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Sumur ‘Mbah Ageng’; Building guards tradition

A gate
A sign
Entrance. This location
pendopo equipped to practice the dance Tayub. A nameplate on the side of the gate bertu-liskan 'Padepokan Langen Tayub' consecutive confirm the relationship between the history of this building perkem-bangan art tayub or in the region gembyangan-Kabu Nganjuk patent.
That is a glimpse of a picture small wells (Java: belik) believed that the Hamlet District Ngrajek Village Sambirejo Nganjuk as cikal-designate (Java: punden) Ngrajek this village. So this place is a place that dikeramatkan local residents.
No concrete data history that states with certainty about this muasal wells (originally just a belik). Only based on oral stories from generation to generation. "Jujur my own as the village elders do not know when the well is dug. I only heard the tales my parents. Already men-confidence from generation to generation so that the wells are development of water supply facilities bat-pad of this village (the first time the forest to chop as Hamlet residence, field, and field-red), "said Sugiyo Pranoto (83), Head Sambirejo village in the year 1944-1964. He himself heard the story this time was still 11 years from a man who called Mertakrama (approximately 1933-1934 years). Mertakrama is an anchor that punden key.
Similarly, the existence of a well restored after the local people, known by the name Petilasan champion Ageng guard this consecutive become a tradition of art Gembyangan (Dance Tayub).
Because the ceremony associated with the freedom of the arts radaan well Tayub also be held, such as the Clean Village ceremony.
Clean village itself is already a tradition of run-down meeting between the generations, it becomes a tradition that has close relation with the existence of these wells. A tradition in the language Sugiyo Pranoto day with so-called Hamlet Ngrajek.
This traditional ceremony is held each year in the month of (Arabic: Dzul-month hijjah), Friday Pahing. Had the big in the year did not have Friday Pahingnya the proposed ceremony on cello (months before the month of the Pa-Friday hingnya). The ceremony was held with a view to respect the ancestors of Hamlet has become a forest chop Ngrajek Hamlet, is also intended to apply to the safety and rizki God
As tradition, the ceremony in this village, clean the required offerings of rice with grilled tumpeng ujub (selamatan introduction to the ancient language Java). Tradition in this village clean tayub dance or gembyongan must be absolute, the following also gending-gending and songs that should be compulsory in it.
In addition, the ceremony also held village clean gembyangan ceremony. Ceremony Gembyangan dimak-sudkan ceremony as pengukuhan Waranggana (Gembyangan Tandak dancers or women in the arts tayub-red) which was followed not only by Waranggana in the Hamlet Ngrajek but participate in it from the outside but still in the Hamlet area Nganjuk District.
Pengukuhan Waranggana this ceremony is dilak-sanakan year since 1934. In 1987 this tardisi of attention from the Local Government Level II Nganjuk dijadikannya with this ceremony as a regional cultural tourism assets. Since then, the ceremony Gembyangan became famous with the name Waranggana graduation.
Attention through the Government Office for Education and Culture is still pro-direct until now. This is shown with established its buildings as a means for supporting the development of art tayub is in one location with a well Ageng champion. From this process of birth and Padepokan Langen Tayub crater candradimuka as the education candidate Waranggana. Seperangakat facilities and development prasana also available, such as the curriculum for the course participants tayub held for six months following pelatihnya, and exercise routine each day Thursday for the course participants tayub dance.
In the course Tayub someone pass the required minimum school Dasar.Setelah arts education during this six months, he digembyangkan (diwisuda) at the time of the ceremony Bersih Desa Ngarajek year-beri kutnya. They also menda-patkan number as the parent Waranggana Department of Education and Culture District Nganjuk
That story sepenggal presence of a small wells that have a large contribution in the development of the arts tayub. A local arts dilupa the slow-start by the youth of the nation due to a foreign culture gempuran seemingly not terelakkan through globalization and information technology at this time. (Solidaritas IAIN SUNAN AMPEL SURABAYA)

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